Medic24 is part of the XboXLab Group

We are pleased to announce that Medic24 is now part of the XboXLab Group.

We see this as a good development opportunity, both for us and you as customer and our suppliers.

We welcome new and old customers.

For more information and contact:

Henning Jansen, +47 40 33 00 11

Lisa Gustafsson, +46 10 788 83 33

Christer Lidén, +46 708 322 303

Linn Therese Miller, +47 45 47 39 01

XboXLab Web Site:


Medic24 is concerned with good quality and all of our Readers has 1 year warranty. All Scales have 2 years warranty. All consumables are delivered with a long shelf life.

User friendly

Our product portfolio is a result of our philosophy of user-friendly products with result precision of the highest quality and at a reasonable price.


Medic24 specialize in point of care diagnostics, and our laboratory technicians are constantly seeking innovative and user-friendly solutions.

Logistics and delivery

Our unique infrastructure ensures efficient, safe and fast delivery. Deliverytime is 1 to 3 business days after receipt of order.


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