New website.

Finally we have a new website!

It is important for Medic24 to meet our customers’ needs and we are therefore proud to announce a fantastic website, which we hope all our customers will appreciate.

The purpose of our website is that all the information about our products should be available at all times. Based on this, our website is also responsive, meaning it is easy to navigate on our site with a smartphone, as easy as it is from your computer. Icon of our website can also be placed on your smartphone and by pressing the icon you will have all the information from our website available.

You can download product sheets, manuals, quick reference guides, leaflets, etc. for all of our products.

If you are a costumer, you can get your own login on demand and access to the most common questions about our products and the ability to save your favorite products. With just a tap, you can also send your orders directly from the site.

The website is still under construction and we are working successively adapting all pages to the respective languages. On the English site, it is currently Norwegian text on products and Norwegian product documents. Do you have immediate need for English article text or product documents, contact customer service.